For iPhone XS & X Case Grey Marble Pattern Soft TPU Shockproof Back Shell Cover

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The iPhone XS & X Case Grey Marble Pattern Soft TPU Shockproof Back Shell Cover features:

  • Shockproof body
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Super thin and feather-light build
  • Snug-fitting for complete device protection

Design: Tailored with an artistic design, this back case made of TPU exudes natural beauty that matches any ensemble. It is specifically made for the device and complements its sleek appearance. It can be used in any occasion, such as formal gatherings and office meetings.

Protection Features: This case offers protection from the impact of dropping the device from low heights. Its shockproof feature prevents potential damages and has a scratch-resistant body to shield the phone from rough and sharp objects like keys and coins. It also defends against debris such as dust, dirt, and powder effectively due to its snug-fitting build.

Material: This colorful protective shell is made from premium-grade TPU that can withstand wear-and-tear from daily use. It is flexible, making installation and replacement effortless. It will stay in its original shape even with constant usage.

  • Comes with a Free Screen Protector and a Splash Resistant bag.