For iPhone XR Rose Gold Strong Shockproof PC & TPU Armor Protective Back Shell Cover

Rose Gold


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The iPhone XR Rose Gold Pattern Shockproof PC & TPU Armor Protective Back Shell Cover includes:

  • Corner bumpers for shock protection
  • Anti-scratch feature
  • Reinforced grip support
  • Slim build

Protection Features: This case provides complete device protection against damage and other flaws. It features shock-absorbent corner bumpers that can prevent cracks and dents during accidental drops from low heights. It is made from grippy material to help keep the phone from slipping even when handled with sweaty or unstable hands. It also defends the device from dust, dirt, and other debrisbecause of its slim-fitting build.

Material:Made from premium-quality PC and TPU, this case is guaranteed to weather through typical wear-and-tear from daily use. Its inner layer is made from elastic TPU for easy installation while staying in its original shapewith constant use.

Design: This back case offers a sporty look. Its unique and decorative corner accents also serve as shock-absorbing bumpers while the grippy sides have textures that match its overall design.

  • Comes with a Free Screen Protector and a Splash Resistant bag.