For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23+ Plus, S23 Case, Protective Cover, Slide Cam Shield, Magnetic Holder, Silver

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Protective lightweight phone case in Silver for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23+ Plus, or S23 will guard your phone from scratches, falls, dirt and other external hazards. It comes with reinforced corners for additional protection of the phone and raised edges to prevent scratches and damages to the screen. The back camera can be closed and protected with a convenient sliding shield. It features a convenient 360-degree stand for comfortable viewing of media or having a chat with family and friends. 

  • Only fits the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23+ Plus or S23 - choose the model from the "Compatible With" menu
  • Made of hard plastic exterior and soft inner silicone interior, suitable for all ages
  • A modern, cutting edge unisex design that is shockproof and will withstand bumps and nicks
  • Built-in kickstand, magnetic ring holder, slide camera cover
  • Precise cutouts and tactile buttons

To double-check the model of your Samsung device, go to Apps -> Settings -> More/About Device. Tap that feature and you will see the model type and the number of the device.

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