For Apple Watch Ultra, 49-mm Case, Ultra-Thin Durable & Lightweight Protective Bezel Cover

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Maximize the protection of your Apple Watch Ultra, 49-mm case with our Ultra-Thin Durable & Lightweight Protective Bezel Cover. Constructed from high-grade PC material, this case is a beacon of environmental responsibility with its harmless technology and eco-friendly materials. Designed to safeguard your device against everyday scratches, dirt, and wear without adding extra bulk or weight to your wrist.

  • PC Material - Crafted for resilience and durability while being eco-conscious.
  • Environmentally Safe - Made with non-toxic materials that protect both your device and the planet.
  • Effective Protection - Guards your watch from scratches, dirt, and wear.
  • Easy Installation - Attaches smoothly without damaging the watch.
  • Featherlight Design - Offers protection without adding weight to your wrist.

To find the model of your device, check the back of the Apple Watch. If the text is not visible, go to Apple Watch Settings > General > About > Model and tap to see if the model matches the watch.