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Top Brands at iCoverLover

Posted by iCoverLover on Oct 20, 2017

Be fashionable, stay fashionable. In every fashion statement that you have for each day of the week, of course, you would need some kind of a backup plan in order to keep your style. As you may be … read more

Wireless charging technology for phones

Posted by iCoverLover on Oct 14, 2017

From your cable chargers to being wireless. 2017 has been a year of smartphone innovations given that there are a lot of competitive smartphone releases that have happened. The newest flagships of … read more

Apple's new iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 PLUS

Posted by iCoverLover on Sep 15, 2017

The Apple Event has commenced on the 13th of September and we are left with the revelations of the Apple Company! The 10th anniversary iPhone model is actually named iPhone X and not iPhone 8! Addit … read more