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UP FOR GRABS: New iPad Air 3 (2019) Cases & Covers

Posted by iCoverLover on Jun 01, 2019

Do you own an iPad Air 3? Way to go! Our new collection of iPad Air 3 cases and covers will surely make you want to update your precious gadget’s look. And we get you—you are not just going for … read more

How to Trade in my Phone or Tablet

Posted by iCoverLover on May 05, 2019

New flagship phones are coming out almost every year for the past five years or so. It’s easy to get left out in the smartphone game. It may seem like you just got your iPhone 6+ or your Samsu … read more

What Can A Tablet Do That My Phone Can’t?

Posted by iCoverLover on Nov 27, 2018

Tablets entered the scene and became popular when smartphones were relatively tiny and not the glass behemoths they are today. Back then, they filled the need for a device that had a bigger screen tha … read more