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​Top Sharing Economy Apps in Australia—Is Your Favourite App on the List?

Posted by iCoverLover on

Gig economy, peer-to-peer based sharing, collaborative economy or collaborative consumption—these are variant names of the “sharing economy.” The sharing economy has various monikers, but everything refers to the same concept. It exists with a notion to underscore the capability of consumers to lease or obtain commodities without actually purchasing or owning them.

Basically, a sharing economy app gives users the ability to earn from their resources using the assistance of a company's digital technology.

What’s your most-used sharing economy app? Read further and see if your favorite makes it to our list of top sharing economy apps in Australia.

Air Bnb

Air BnB is every traveller’s trusted friend. This service commenced in 2008 and is now serving in 191 countries. This program has already provided millions of hosts and homeowners the opportunity to share their extra or unused spaces to travellers. Likewise, travellers are able to enjoy distinctive accommodations with lots of options.


Airtasker is a community platform based in Sydney, Australia. It aims to connect people who are looking to outsource tasks with people who are looking to earn money through a remote-work environment.


This is another Australian-based public platform for freelancers and online job seekers worldwide. If you are an employer looking for extra help or a freelancer looking for another source of income, then this platform will surely indulge you.

Mad Paws

If you are constantly worried about leaving your pets when you need to travel for a long period, then count on Mad Paws to help you. With about 15,000 pet sitters, you can make sure that someone will love and take care of your pet when you are not around.


Do you want to get a flexible loan at a competitive rate? Or, perhaps, you are looking for a new avenue to invest your money? RateSetter is UK’s most prevalent peer-to-peer platform that connects the investor to the borrower, providing better value for both sides.


Do you have a storage problem? Check on Spacer for your storage and space needs. On the other hand, if you have an available space or storage at home or in your commercial business, you can enlist to Spacer and make extra income out of your unused spaces.


Uber is the most convenient ride to get about the cities of Australia. You don’t have to worry about hiring a driver or renting a car. Just book with Uber and you’ll get an instant driver with your preferred automobile.


This is a platform for your courier or delivery needs. If you want to deliver food or flowers to your loved ones, you can count on Zoom2U to bring your package fresh and intact with its same-day deliveries.

Business Future Seems Brighter with the Sharing Economy.

Curious as to how far this sharing economy will take us? Check out this WorldEconomic Forum’s vid.

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