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Apple iPhone XR Review: Is cheaper better?

Posted by iCoverLover on Nov 04, 2020

Are you thinking of getting a new iPhone but having trouble picking a model to buy? There are so many iPhones to choose from (you can still get the 2-year-old iPhone 7 and even the 4-year-old iPho … read more

The Best iOS and Android Smart Apps for your Home

Posted by iCoverLover on Nov 04, 2020

With the invention of handheld phones in 1973, the lives of people have changed and progressed slowly, as did these phones. Bit by bit, they begun taking over the world and making lives easier for ev … read more

Upcoming Smartphone Innovations in 2019

Posted by iCoverLover on Nov 04, 2020

If anything, 2018 has been a good year for smartphone manufacturers. The market is wide and open with enthusiasts ready to eat up whatever is served to them -- and the big names didn’t disappoint.Amo … read more

Does Your Phone Support Wireless Charging?

Posted by iCoverLover on Nov 04, 2020

Wireless charging is a nifty technology that lets you charge your phone by placing it on top of a charging pad or stand. No more pesky wires that get tangled up and cables that fray into uselessnes … read more