Mophie Rugged Universal Battery Powerstation GO

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With the Mophie Rugged Universal Battery Powerstation GO, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're never out of power. Not only does it charge your mobile devices, but it can also jump-start your car. The Powerstation GO features two USB-A ports, allowing you to charge your phone or tablet, while the built-in AC outlet can power bigger devices like a laptop. Stranded in a dark location? No problem. The bright LED floodlight can help you see your surroundings clearly. The spark-proof jumper cables make jump-starting your car a safe and straightforward process. Whether you're facing an emergency or simply need a reliable power source for your daily life, the Mophie Powerstation GO is an all-in-one solution.

  • Car Jump Starter: The Powerstation GO can jump-start your car, providing a crucial function in emergencies.
  • Dual USB Socket: With two USB-A ports, you can charge multiple mobile devices simultaneously.
  • AC Outlet: The built-in AC outlet allows you to power larger devices, such as laptops.
  • LED Floodlight: The bright LED floodlight can be a valuable aid in dark locations.
  • Spark-Proof Jumper Cables: These ensure a safe and quick jump start for your car.
  • All-In-One Power Solution: Perfect for emergencies and daily power needs.