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Product Description

The iPhone XS Max Case Dandelion And Butterflies Pattern IMD Process Colorful Laser Transparent Clear TPU Cover with Shockproof Material and Enhanced Anti Slip Grip includes:

  • Shock-resistance
  • Scratch-proof case
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Flexible TPU material
  • Suitable only for iPhone XS Max.

Protection Features

Made from sturdy TPU, the printed clear case protects your iPhone XS Max from rough objects, moisture, dirt and impact from bumps and drops from short heights. The surface of the case resists scratches and dirt, which means the printed design will not peel off and the case will stay good-looking for a long time.


The iPhone XS Max transparent case is crafted from premium-grade thermoplastic polyurethane that has a smooth and matte feel. The case grips your phone tightly and covers it from the back, top, bottom and sides.


The TPU case for the iPhone XS Max is transparent, letting you showcase the beauty of your device. The back of the phone case is adorned by whimsical designs printed in a rainbow of metallic colors.

  • Free standard delivery within Australia.
  • Comes with a Free Screen Protector and a Splash Resistant bag.
  • Express Post & International postage options also available.

Product Specifications

Back Case
Phone Model:
Apple iPhone XS Max