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Product Description

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Curved Edge to Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Full Surface Hardness includes:

  • Edge-to-Edge 3D curved design
  • 9H hardness
  • HD screen with delicate touch features
  • Shatter proof and scratch resistant
  • Suitable for model numbers SM-960F, SM-960U, and SM960N and other variants of SM-960

Protection Features: This screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is shatterproof, which makes it highly resistant to drops, scratches, and slight bumps. Made of tempered glass, it features a strong 9H hardness that offers enhanced resilience against minor impact or low-distance drops. Its edge-to-edge construction covers your phone's screen fully to ensure all areas are covered.

Material: This 3D curved edge-to-edge screen protector is made of high quality tempered glass that has a 9H hardness rating. It is covered with anti-oil material to prevent fingerprint formation. It also has a soft touch feature that mimics the original touchscreen's sensitivity for hassle free tapping and swiping. It is also shatter proof.

Design: This screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is super thin that it feels like it's not there and will, therefore, not add to your phone's weight. It delivers an ultra clear HD quality visual and a highly sensitive touch feature. The tempered glass has already been pre-shaped and cut to follow the dimensions of your original screen for a seamless installation.

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Product Specifications

Tempered Glass
Glass Screen Protector
Phone Model:
Samsung Galaxy Note 9