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Product Description

Black Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector

  • Optimum protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with this awesome and reliable Black Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector.

  • Excellent flexibility as a screen protector as it does not block your access to your screen's functions.

  • Precision perfectly fits on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

  • Smooth surface as this screen protector resists oil, dirt, and scratches on your phone's screen.

  • Screen protector is full screen with 9H surface hardness to make sure that only the tempered glass is damaged and not the actual device's screen.

Installation Instructions:

  • Please use the provided alcohol swab and micro fabric to clean the LCD screen of your device before installation of the screen protector.

  • Carefully peel off the protective layer of the adhesive side.

  • Critically align the tempered glass to the screen.

  • Press the centre of the glass to let the adhesive part be spread over all of the parts of the screen smoothly.


  • This is a glass product so the edges of the glass are the most vulnerable areas.

  • It is not recommended that this tempered glass is roused for reuse once it is applied as its adhesive properties might wear off resulting for the screen protector to not adhere to the device.

Product Specifications

Tempered Glass
Phone Model:
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Glass Screen Protector