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Product Description

The Armour Apple Watch 4 (40 mm) Watch Strap TPU+PC Protective Cover includes:

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Impact Protection
  • Higher than screen
  • Precise Cutouts for Apple Watch features
  • Comfortable and Breathable straps

Protection Features

Protecting your Apple Watch is simple. Just make sure you handle it properly, keep it in a safe place, and make sure it's tightly wrapped around your wrists. But apart from these, you can also get this Armour Apple Watch 4 (40 mm) Watch Strap TPU+PC Protective Cover to make sure it doesn't get damages like dents, dings, cracks, and even scratches.


This watch strap plus case has dual layer of different materials. It's manufactured with the use of high quality thermoplastic polyurethane and PC plastic. Both materials are extremely durable and meant to last for a lonh time. Most of all, these are shock-resistant making sure your Apple Watch does not get any type of damage when it bumps harder objects or drops from low heights. You can also expect it to deflect scratches.


Although this covers and protects your device, you can still make full use of every function of your Apple Watch. It has precise cutouts for charging and of course, for a smoother use of its interface. The case is also higher than the screen to further protect the device as it avoids direct contact.

To find the model of your device, check the back of the Apple Watch. If the text is not visible, go to Apple Watch Settings > General > About > Model and tap to see if the model matches the watch.

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Product Specifications

Watch Model:
Apple Watch Series 4 40mm