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Cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy A14 5G that will protect your phone in style are warehoused and shipped from Australia. From practical wallet cases, and heavy-duty hybrid armour shockproof protective cases, to scratchproof back cases, there is a selection of accessories available to provide top protection for your Samsung Galaxy A14 5G device. Cases are crafted from premium materials, such as PU leather, silicone and plastic, and some also feature reinforced corners and raised edges for additional camera and display protection, which is perfect for a user with a more adventurous lifestyle. Every case and cover offers different protection for your Samsung Galaxy A14 5G model, while they are all very durable and will protect your smartphone from direct impacts. The properties and protective capacity of the cases may vary depending on the material, thickness and type of cover.

Best-selling Samsung Galaxy A14 5G mobile phone cases

The top-selling Samsung Galaxy A14 5G covers are stylish and offer a high level of protection. Shielding smartphones from unwanted damage is the number one priority for many people. Having a good grip on the case is very important as well as provides additional security and prevents drops of the phone on possibly rough surfaces. A lot of people also pay attention to the details such as the design of the case. The products that will take care of these criteria are TPU & acrylic protective covers and wallet folio leather covers. The wallet case style is an especially convenient choice because of its functionality. It contains a compartment for money and a card slot along with a stand for you to watch videos hands-free. Moreover, they are available in various colours and have an attractive and classy business style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my phone the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G model?

To find your Samsung Galaxy model from the Samsung A Series year 2023 (A14 5G, A54 5G, A34 5G), please follow our compatibility devices guide for Samsung Galaxy phones, where you will input the model number and it will provide you with the information required to assist with the purchase of your phone case. In case you are still unsure, you can always message our helpful support team at and we will get back to you within 24 business hours.

Does the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G support wireless charging?

No, the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G does not have wireless charging.

Do the predecessor's Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A13 5G accessories fit the newer Galaxy A14 5G phone?

The newer Galaxy A14 5G model (2023) is slightly bigger than the Galaxy A13 and A13 5G, meaning the old covers do not fit the newer model Galaxy A14 5G. On the other hand, the screen size of the Galaxy 14 5G is the same as that of the Galaxy A13 model, which means you can use the same screen protector.

Where are our products located?

We store stock, pick, pack and ship in Australia at two different distribution centres, with the main one being in Hendon, South Australia, and the second in Dandenong, Victoria.

How do we ship our products?

Our main shipping partner is Australia Post and we exclusively use them to ensure all of our customers are able to receive their items, regardless of their delivery location.

What are the included free goodies?

Eligible Samsung Galaxy A14 5G phone cases come with a screen protector made out of plastic for maximum compatibility and a splash-resistant bag. These bags are a great solution for outdoor activities when you want to protect the surface of your device from sand, dust, and other grime that might damage your phone.

How can I create custom phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G?

Use our designer tool to design your own personalised cover. Creating trendy, amusing, appealing designs is a perfect way to express your personality while also protecting your device. Having a new one-of-a-kind design such as a company image logo, name or a marble design on your phone cover is definitely something captivating. You can also choose a photo that expresses your interest, such as in health, fitness, cooking, games, music and others. There are 6 different types of covers you can create custom designs on: Armour, Wallet, Snap, Thin, Slim and Flexi.

Do you sell covers made with recycled plastics?

Yes. We have quite a few covers made with recycled plastic (plus other materials). However, they are not available for all phone models, mainly for newer phones such as iPhone 13 mini / 13 / 13 Pro / 13 Pro Max, iPhone 14 / 14 Plus / 14 Pro / 14 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S22 / S22 Plus / S22 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S23 / S23 Plus / S23 Ultra. For Samsung Galaxy A14 5G there are not any cases made out of recycled plastic.

Which shipping options are available?

Our company offers different ways of shipping your order. However, all deals in the iCoverLover store come with free Australia-wide delivery. At checkout, we also calculate the total price of orders and offer free Australia Post Express delivery when the amount is above $80, which otherwise costs $11.50. There is also an added tracking option that is calculated in 5 different categories: $0-$29.98 is $4.99, $29.99-$39.98 is $3.99, $39.99-$49.98 is $2.99, $49.99-$59.98 is $1.99, $59.99-$80 is $0.99.

Do you offer items only for Samsung Galaxy phones?

At iCoverLover you can also purchase accessories for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple AirPods, Apple Watch, Airtag, Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, other Galaxy A models, Galaxy Z, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Tab, and Google Pixels. Please note that not all accessories are available for all models due to product sales or because the accessories are not compatible with certain models of phones, tablets, etc.

Are there other accessories that are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G available in your store?

We offer wireless chargers, USB cables, and other tech merchandise that enhances your smart home. From audio speakers to wireless headphones to enjoy your music and wall chargers, they all provide ease of use whether you are playing video games like a pro or working out to improve your health and fitness. Please note that items containing magnets or metal parts might interfere with the S-Pen, which should be taken into consideration when adding to the cart.

Is creating an account beneficial for me?

An account allows adding your favourite item choices from different brands to the wish list. By also subscribing to our newsletter, our readers receive up-to-date news at different times of the month, where at the bottom of tech content, we include discount codes that you are able to make use of when checking out. At checkout, you apply the coupon to your order and save money on your purchase.
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What do our customers think about shopping on our site?

Read through the reviews and testimonials where other shoppers have left describing their shopping experience and products they've received, including different photos of the actual accessories as well as the warranty process in some cases. After using the item for 14 days, the verified buyer had a good understanding of the product and was able to provide a detailed review of their experience, from the quality of the materials used to the comfort of the product in their hand.

I would like to order a phone cover, tablet case, or some other accessories for someone else but I don't know their device model. Do you offer gift cards?

Yes. Simply fill in the required information, select the amount and add the gift certificate to your shopping cart. Gift certificates are sent to the recipient's email address. Shop them here.