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Product Description

The For Apple Airpods 1 & 2 Silicone Ear Caps includes:

  • Precise Opening
  • No falling and No Pain
  • R & L Identification Marks
  • Perfectly fits ear canal

Protection Features

Protect your For Apple Airpods 1 & 2 or any earpods you have with these For Apple Airpods 1 & 2 Silicone Ear Caps which are made from premium grade silicone material. It's meant to cover the earpods and function both as a protection and to help make it stay in your ear longer. This material is durable and is scratch-resistant. Plus it has a grippy texture which allows it to stay in your ears better.


These ear caps have a precise fit and opening in order to guarantee you can hear music and voices clearly even when using these protective ear caps. With every purchase, you get two pieces for the right and left ear pieces you have. Each ear cap is either indicated with an R or an L so you know which cap is for which piece.


If you want something simple and does not call attention to your earpods, these ear caps have a transparent look. You can fit it around your earpods and it won't look out of place or eye-catching. It's also thin, just enough to give you the grip and protection your For Apple Airpods 1 & 2 need. Most of all, it is comfortable to use.

  • Free standard delivery within Australia.
  • Express Post & International postage options also available.

Product Specifications

Silicone Cap