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Product Description

The For Apple Airpods 1 & 2 Silicone Ear Caps includes:

  • Precise Opening
  • No falling and No Pain
  • R & L Identification Marks
  • Perfectly fits ear canal

Protection Features

Wireless earphones like the For Apple Airpods 1 & 2 can get easily lost due to the lack of wires. When it falls from your ears, it's harder to locate as it's small. You often lose one and while it still works, it's rather disappointing to lose an expensive phone accessory. Apart from storage boxes, you can use For Apple Airpods 1 & 2 Silicone Ear Caps to make sure it fits your ear canal well and lessen the chances of it getting lost.


This ear pad is manufactured from only the best quality silicone material. It's soft but is scratch-proof and shock absorbent. These protective features ensure that your For Apple Airpods 1 & 2 or any other earpods are protected from damage in the event it does fall on the ground. Its elasticity, on the other hand, ensures it is easy to attached or remove from your earpods. Each side has an R or L indication.


While it is lightweight, it adds a little bulk to your earpods to make it fit your ear canal easier. It has a good grip so it doesn't slip away from your ears and easily fall on the ground. But while it has a better grip on your ears, it doesn't feel painful because of the silicone's softness.

  • Free standard delivery within Australia.
  • Express Post & International postage options also available.

Product Specifications

Silicone Cap